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Social Shopping

Social Shopping

Urban Integration

Urban Integration

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Intelligent Algorithms

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Privacy and Encryption


Social Shopping and Wish Lists: M-Shop allows you to easily keep track of your day to day groceries, your children stationary, your medicines or whatever other list you want to set up and control. And best of all you can share it with the rest of the family or friends and permit them to add or remove items. What additionally makes M-Shop so special is that you in addition will be also entitled to receive proposals for your shopping list from different stores, so you just need to approve the one you like most and wait for the products to be received at home. And what if you also want a new pair of shoes, but the ones you favor you cannot find them at a convenience price? For this we have designed our M-Shop Wish List: the products you would buy if they were at a particular price. We will contact suppliers and let them know of your interest and price. You may be surprised how many of them will be interested in meeting your demand.

Urban Integration: Now with M-Shop you will be chosen to receive special offers and deals as you move around the city. For example if it happens that you stroll in front of you favorite football stadium we may delight you with a special offer for next match. Or what about a deal for the mall kindergarden to take care of your little children while you run some errands? Not only geolocated offers, but we might also refresh a very hot day with a cold drink offer or a cold winter rain with a warm coat.

Personalized Recommendations: M-Shop highly advanced personal shopper recommendation algorithm will always look for the best offers and deals for you, bearing into account past purchases, your profile, preferences, location, weather and any other data which we believe will help us in delivering you a better service. M-Shop will always try to anticipate to your needs before you even know them.


Mobile: M-Shop is mobile native. It has been born as such and this way is its natural status. We help you with our modules for Prestashop and Magento to also join us and easily integrate you commerce into the mobile era. Do not miss more clients because of the lack of adaptation.

Market Insights: Thanks to our large base of users, we are able to let you know in advance what is the market demand, the trend or how well your new offer is doing in the market. Just install our premium module and you will have access to oceans of data.

Higher Sales: M-Shop is specifically designed to increase the conversion rates from mobile by boosting the user experience. We will help you sell more while at the same time your clients will be more satisfied. Do not let competitors take advantage over you.


M-shop is the new revolution in e-commerce by delivering a real mobile digital experience integrating with surroundings and always looking for best service we will drive the change.

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